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During the work week, he left the house in a JoS Bank dress shirt and slacks but on the weekends, my dad was a master “putterer”. His main hobby was work, so the weekends did not steal him away for golf or any other traditional dad interest. If he wasn’t watching my sister and me play sports, he was roaming the house or yard doing odd jobs to keep it maintained.

If it was at all chilly in our balmy San Diego climate, he wore his flannel shirts over a tee shirt, like a jacket. Those same shirts ultimately made their way to our family place in Lake Tahoe, where he would legitimately chill out.

Those Eddie Bauer shirts remind me of the part of my dad who cherished his family and home. All of his working hours were dutifully spent in order to enjoy those moments. And, in those moments, he was donning a casual, flannel shirt.

Dad passed unexpectedly in 1999 and my mom sister and I desperately sought solace. I learned that every memory matters, especially the tangible ones. So, when my mom surprised us with our own customized bears, it was great comfort that the teddy bear was wearing dad’s signature shirt, collar and all.
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